The MAPE Association

Marquette, Architecture, Patrimoine, Environment


The MAPE Association (Maquette Architecture Patrimoine Environnement) in English – Model, Architecture, Heritage, Environment – has as its core objective the value of teaching new generations to look at a city differently; as a means to build togetherness.

MAPE was created by Françoise Deleule, a building engineer who developed this teaching method of working first manually, and then to integrate, in a second step, the manual work around writing.  The main aim of the MAPE association is to restore confidence to students having difficulties in school, whom otherwise are communicating their desire to learn and gain knowledge.

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“From Dreams to Reality”

Through her MAPE Association, Françoise Deleule is able to engage with students using her unique tool called the relief map.  The relief map opens the door to addressing academic subjects without seeming to do so.