Culinary Innovation Project: Transforming Lives Through Gastronomy

Culinary Innovation Project

At the intersection of culinary artistry and innovation lies the Culinary Innovation Project, an ambitious food-focused project located in Musekera, Musanze District, Rwanda that aims to revolutionize the gastronomic landscape. The organization’s mission is to push the boundaries of traditional culinary practices, fostering creativity, sustainability and culinary excellence, while also acting as a food leader on climate change with the aim of reducing food and water waste, increasing water efficiency in rural areas and promoting local restaurants through gastro tourism to generate opportunities for youth and women in the region.

The project was initiated by Chef Dieuveil Malonga at his restaurant MEZA Malonga to train the next generation of African chefs on cooking using locally available products. MEZA Malonga restaurant is among the “21 culinary gems which are worth a trip in 2024” according to National Geographic Magazine.

The project will be the first in Africa to include an experimental farm, a culinary training center and a restaurant. The Culinary Innovation Village will also discuss ways to reduce greenhouse gases related to the transport of foods by studying local insects, ancient grains, and legumes as alternatives to meat consumption.

With the support of Fondation Jean-Francois and Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, the Culinary Innovation Project hopes to inspire chefs, restaurateurs and food enthusiasts to embrace innovation as a catalyst for change. Together, we are redefining the boundaries of gastronomy, one groundbreaking idea at a time.

To learn more, go to Culinary Innovation Village.