Friendship Centre India

Based in Mumbai, India the Friendship Centre is a charitable organization engaged in humanitarian and spiritual among the poor and needy masses services and rebuild their shattered lives .

India is a land of extreme contrasts and rapid change. More than 400,000 children die every year of hunger and malnutrition alone. There are more than 4.5 million lepers, prostitutes 400,000 , 15 million people infected with HIV and 2 million new TB cases are detected each year. Approximately 74 % of the population still lives in rural poverty, dispersed in 600,000 villages and tribal hamlets. They are dependent on traditional agriculture and living standards due solely to survival. This economy is often paralyzed by excessive rain , extreme drought and sudden disasters.

The objective of the Friendship Centre , which houses and educates street children is to educate and feed the poor of India. Through education , children become independent.

A real home day care centers

The centers are built in the slums and house kindergarden classes and feeding programs for underprivileged children.

Center for children at Dhigha

The center at Dhigha, whose construction was funded by the Foundation, welcomes and hosts both girls and boys gathered from the streets of Mumbai.