The Opera Centre Europe

An academy for advanced operatic students based at Liverpool Hope University, UK

The Opera Centre Europe has two main objectives:

  • to provide professional assistance to talented Europeans from education to employment in the opera
  •  to develop audiences for opera throughout Europe, including places wherein opera is rarely performedOffrir un parcours professionnel aider les Européens talentueux de l’éducation à l’emploi dans l’opéra.

Palais de Tokyo

One of the largest contemporary art centers in Europe.

Sparkling, bold and pioneering, the Palais de Tokyo is the living place of today’s artists. Open from noon to midnight, it is today the largest center of contemporary creation in Europe, and a unique exhibition space of its kind.

Society for the Inquiry Into The Social

Research. Documentation. Intervention. (SIS)

The Society for the investigation of the social (SIS) is a network of public intellectuals, historians and senior scholars residing in the university city of Baroda in Gujarat, India. The network SIS strives to explore, imagine and analyze the following anthropological assemblies: the human condition, the urban condition, the epistemological status, state Littoral and imagination as practice.

Through its intellectual pursuits, the work of SIS  aims to explore and understand the interconnectedness of our world, and bring a cooler and more robust vision of contemporary realities facing many regions of the human habitat.