Voight-Kampff Project

Innovation and creativity are the two things my wife and I look for in projects to fund through the Jean François et Marie-Laure de Clermont Tonnerre foundation. So, when we met Adam Kampff and heard about the Voight-Kampff project, it was a true meeting of minds. We just had to get involved.

Voight-Kampff aims to create an entirely new form of space where the physical and virtual merge. Think of a world without reliance on 2D screens to interact with the online virtual environment. The goal is for a world without screens and to create a new form of space.  

It will enable people to transform a room into anything – an immersive experience without the need for 3D or VR glasses. The possibilities are endless. From a child playing in a fairytale castle world right there in their bedroom to artists using it to create an immersive art experience at a level never before seen, I’m incredibly excited to see how far Voight-Kampff technology will take us.